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Grey Wallpaper

    When did wallpaper suddenly become so interesting? There are so many varieties of wallpaper now, you can get practically anything from the extremely bold - like replicated pop art blown up huge on the wall to exciting new patterns including photographic look-alike natural wall surfaces such as wooden panels or logs. While one of the first things you might do when thinking about a quick redecoration is to give the walls and ceilings a lick of paint, it really can be a short-term solution when actually you could give more thought to making the interior more stylish. Thanks to a wide range of styles and choices, choosing wallpaper for your home has never been easier.

    Floral wallpaper
    As one of the most common types of wallpaper - floral prints have always been a popular option. There is plenty of variation within this style, with choices ranging from small, delicate patterns to bigger and bolder designs. For a striking look, combine bold floral wallpaper designs on one wall with neutral colours in the rest of the room. Keep curtains plain and accessories minimal, allowing your wallpaper to stand out as a serious style feature.

    Remember to line up the pattern as best as you can to achieve a seamless image and keep any wall hangings on your feature wall to a minimum. If opting for red floral wallpaper, combine it with modern furniture in dark colours and a few key accessories in complementary colours. Alternatively, select a more delicate print if trying to achieve a more subtle effect. There are plenty of wallpaper options which combine pastel shades with faint designs, making a great addition to any traditional home.

    Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper Grey Wallpaper

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